KROMA, the safest and most effective option for changing the colour of your eyes.


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Ultimate Laser Technique

The Procedure

KROMA is a surgical procedure with more than 10 years of history. Using an ultra-precision laser, a tunnel is created inside the cornea so that the pigment with the desired shade can then be easily introduced. This method is known as keratopigmentation.

The procedure usually takes about 30 minutes and the results can be seen immediately. The procedure is similar to that performed in refractive surgery to stop wearing glasses, and is a safe, painless and effective procedure.

This method does not require the use of any type of intraocular implant, so it does not affect the internal structures located in the eye.

The Laser

In order to achieve a precise result, the most precise ocular laser platform in existence must be used: the femtosecond laser. We would say that it is one of the greatest technological advances that have been made in ophthalmology in recent years, as it allows us to make cuts working in milliseconds and therefore with an unbeatable level of precision without damaging the surrounding tissues.

Moreover, not just any femtosecond laser will do, as not all of them meet the necessary requirements for this particular innovative technique.

The Pigment

To perform a safe and long-lasting keratopigmentation, not just any pigment can be used. At KROMA we use the latest generation of pigments designed exclusively for this technique. With the authorisation and marking of the European Community, we have pigments in shades of brown, blue, green and white. They are currently the only approved dyes that meet all the necessary specifications to modify, reinforce or reduce the colour intensity as the patient wishes.

Highly Accurate Results

Throughout these 10 years, we have been perfecting the technique until it has become a safe, reliable and highly innovative medical procedure. Our patients are completely satisfied with their results, as the change achieved is not only immediate and long-lasting, but also very precise in the sense that the final colour obtained is practically identical to the one they asked for. This is mainly due to the great help provided by the simulators and artificial intelligence that we have at KROMA.

Although there are other types of medical alternatives for permanent eye colour change, at KROMA we recommend the laser keratopigmentation technique due to its high reliability and results.

Specifically, there are two other methods, intraocular iris implants and iris depigmentation using YAG laser. Intraocular implants are practically forbidden in the field of aesthetics as several cases of serious complications (including blindness) have been reported. On the other hand, depigmentation of the iris using the YAG laser is a technique that is not only risky (cases of glaucoma have been described) but also not very effective. It requires many sessions and the patient cannot choose the colour they will have after the procedure.

Specialised Surgeons

The surgery is performed in our facilities under the constant supervision of a team of ophthalmologists specialised in this procedure.

The Evaluation Process

During the first assessment appointment, the KROMA team will examine your natural eye colour and assist you in choosing your new eye color using simulators and artificial intelligence. We will show you cases of other patients with similar facial features and skin colour so that you can compare and decide on your dream colour.

Once you have decided on a specific colour, the necessary tests will be carried out to guarantee the safety of the procedure by means of a rigorous study of your ophthalmological state of health.

At the end of the study, if there is no medical contraindication for keratopigmentation, we will provide you with various financing solutions adapted to your needs.

Do you have any questions about our method? Contact us and our medical assistants will call you as soon as possible to schedule an appointment online or in person.

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